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Start Strong: How to determine if your SaaS idea is worth pursuing

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"Going through the checklist gave me some actionable food for thought and was well worth the price of admission. Overall, it´s a quick, helpful reminder of what matters most when deciding where to put your time and which ideas are worth pursuing first." - Rob Fitzpatrick, author of the bestselling book The Mom Test and the upcoming

What's a good SaaS business idea?

As a founder, your most precious resource is time. Naturally, you want to work on your best idea.

Not just any idea. But the one that will take you closer to your goals in life.

And quotes like "9 out of 10 startups fail!!!" doesn't really help create the confidence we need to pursue our ideas!

What if you knew how to pick your best idea with confidence?

This guide will help you evaluate your SaaS business ideas in a structured and repeatable way.

It contains 18 criteria to check your idea against, collected from researching articles and interviews 50 successful SaaS founders.

To eliminate non-starters, use this to quickly pre-validate your startup ideas, BEFORE wasting days or weeks trying to validate it.

Who is this for?

First-time founders, developers and indie hackers who are new to building SaaS businesses, and want to know which idea to pick.

What's inside

1. An 18-point evaluation guide, with descriptions, examples and quotes from successful founders.

2. A Google Sheet evaluation tool for easily evaluating and scoring your ideas.

3. Printable PDF worksheets.

4. References to all research material, including articles, podcasts and videos.

And NEW for 2022: a 1-to-1 video call with me to help you work through your idea. Just pick the "eBook, worksheets + personal video call" when purchasing.

Free update

I am releasing version 2.0 soon which includes a whole new section on Rapid Market Research.

If you buy now, you will receive version 2.0 for free.

Who am I?

My name is Farez Rahman, an indie SaaS maker, and the creator of, and And tonnes of others that ended up in the bin!

For the last 20 years, I have also been a professional software developer and owner of a web development agency. 

Why did I create this?

Like many others, the most popular advice given to me has been:

"Ideas Don't Matter. Execution Matters"

But then time and again, I found myself executing on ideas that didn't have a chance in the first place.

So I spent some time researching how successful founders pre-validate their own ideas so that I can use them to evaluate my own ideas.

And now, to help you.


Nothing in this guide will guarantee to make you a billionaire, or even a dollar. Think of this guide as a way to help you do "due diligence" on your idea before investing time and money in it.

It WILL help you approach this in a structured and repeatable way.

If you have any questions

Please DM me on Twitter at or email me at


Not happy with it? No problem. Full refund, no questions asked.


Cover image by the excellent Andy Ngo. Follow him at!

"The idea checklist by Farez felt like a missing piece in my puzzle, validating ideas against one another, and against a good set of metrics is going to be extremely helpful in the coming months." - Miguel Stevens,

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Start Strong: How to determine if your SaaS idea is worth pursuing

8 ratings
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