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Freelancer Project Proposal Template (from real projects)

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Creating a proposal and "terms and conditions" (T&C) document for your freelance projects is a) expensive b) confusing, and c) booooooring.

Not anymore, if you just use these templates.

All you have to do is search and replace a few placeholders (like [[ BUSINESS NAME ]]) and the document is ready to go.

What's in the package?

The package includes 2 document templates:

1. An 11-page standard Terms and Conditions template. It was prepared by a lawyer in London, UK for my own freelancing business, Redkey Digital Ltd.
2. A 4-page sample real-world proposal document, from one of my client projects. 

I have been using these documents for the last 6 years for all my client contracts, for all projects in the United Kingdom and in Europe.

Who is it for?

Best suited for any freelance web developer based in the United Kingdom or Europe.

But also great for any freelancer anywhere, but you will need to check that the document is legally binding in your country.

How to use it?

For small projects, I usually send the client a cover letter or email along with the Terms and Conditions document. All the client has to do is reply to the email stating that they agree to the contents of the Terms and Conditions document.

For larger projects, I usually send the client the Proposal with an attached Terms and Conditions document, via for their e-signature.

One-on-one video call

We all need guidance sometimes. 

So I am including an option to purchase the template plus a one-on-one 30 minute video call session with me via Zoom, where you can ask me anything related to freelancing.

I have been freelancing and running my own fully remote micro-agency since 2007. It wasn't easy, and I made many mistakes, but each one was an opportunity to learn and improve. I now have client relationships that have lasted as long as 10 years and I work from anywhere I want in the world. 

I can help with your freelancing related questions in this one-on-one session. 

Just choose the "Templates + 30 minute one-on-one session" when you purchase. I will contact you by email after your purchase to arrange our call time.


I am not a lawyer and I can't guarantee that by using these templates you will be fully legally covered. Always get professional legal advice.

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Free your time and your mind to focus on what you do best. Use these templates for your next project.

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Freelancer Project Proposal Template (from real projects)

0 ratings
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